Horizon Lawn Service Clearwater FloridaYou’ve got things to do.

Why are you having to deal with lawn care too?

But who should you hire? They’d better have insurance or you risk losing a lot.

Horizon Lawn and Landscape carries $2,000,000 of protection for you.

How much do you like to do maintenance on your lawn equipment? If you want a beautiful lawn, those mower blades have to be sharp, or you rip up the grass, leaving you open to pests, weeds and disease. We keep our equipment in top shape so you don’t have to worry.

In fact, with Horizon Lawn and Landscape, you get a customized program so you know what it will take to have a lush, beautiful environment to enjoy without having to do it yourself.

Call now before the season gets underway and we run out of openings for new customers. You can even get a month free! CALL:  (727) 433-1099

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** At Horizon Lawn and Landscape we arm you with information so that you can make the best decision for  your property – even if you decide not to go with us. **